Whether You Live in Corona, Moreno Valley, Riverside or Elsewhere in Southern California, if You Own a Hot Tub, Throwing a Hot Tub Party Can be a Blast

Whether you live in Corona, Moreno Valley, Riverside or elsewhere in Southern California, if you own a hot tub, throwing a hot tub party can be a blast. But don’t think just because you have a hot tub you will automatically throw an awesome party. While you might throw a pretty fun hot tub party, following just a few easy tips will take your hot tub party to that next level; next level of awesomeness that is! Because, as everybody knows, awesome hot tub parties are far better than mediocre hot tub parties.

Sometimes just sending out invites to a hot tub party will generate a lot of interest. But if you want to throw a hot tub party that will rise to new levels of epic, then you should consider having a theme to your party. A beach theme is always a favorite, or you could have a poker themed hot tub party, or you could go all out and host a 1970s themed hot tub party complete with a disco ball and Donna Summer music.

When throwing a hot tub party, you need to think carefully about the food you will serve. Sure, everybody loves chips and dip, but besides being rather boring, you will likely find floating chip crumbs in your hot tub. Not cool. Try serving wraps, kabobs or other foods that will satisfy your guest’s hunger without clogging your hot tub filter.

The more prepared you are, the more likely your hot tub party will be a raging success. Have plenty of bath towels handy for guests, avoid serving drinks in glass containers and make sure everybody knows to bring a swimsuit, because no bathing suits can be rather awkward.

And if you cannot throw a hot tub party because you are lacking a hot tub, call us and we can change that!