Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Reasons Not to Buy a Motorcycle

We are in the last week of January and you are sitting on your couch bored and listless. There are any number of reasons why you are feeling so down. Perhaps it is because the Patriots are in the Super Bowl yet again, it took only three weeks before you broke all of your New Year’s resolutions or you are still suffering from post-holiday depression. Whatever the reason, you need something to cheer you up.

How about this: Tax season is upon us and you have a nice chunk of money coming to you. This means you can start thinking about the cool things you are going to buy. We suggest that when you get your tax return, you head to Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, and purchase a swim spa or hot tub. What’s that? You have your heart set on a new motorcycle instead? Well, we can give you plenty of reasons to forget about the motorcycle and buy a hot tub.  

Pavement is a Cheese Grater

Consider what the rough street pavement does to your exposed flesh in the event of a motorcycle spill. Yup, your skin gets grated off, often to the bone. Even if that doesn’t bother you, consider that every particle of dirt, grime, plastic, oil, grease and loose penny on the road will find its way into your wounds and will have to be picked out before you can get stitched up.

Seeing and Eating

All of the things that are flying around are no longer bouncing off of your windshield when you ride a motorcycle. Those juicy bugs and gnats don’t wind up splattered on your windshield, they wind up in your eyes or in your mouth.  


Some people just hate bikers, no matter how responsible you are. Bikers are often grouped together and automatically classified as the enemy. Sure, people who do this are ignorant, but that doesn’t change the fact they will annoy you in any way they can. 

Nobody hates the guy who owns a hot tub. In fact, they want him to be their friend. 

You Become Filthy

You ride through exhaust, swarms of bugs and whatever else is in the air. When you reach your destination, you are looking pretty messy and probably smell bad too. 

Cars are Heavy

In a collision involving a car and a motorcycle, odds are the car is going to win. A car versus motorcycle accident is a scenario that often winds up with the motorcycle driver heading to the trauma center. 

You Lack Good Judgement

If your car has a bunch of dings in the back from hitting the same pole every day, it is a sign that you don’t need a motorcycle. If you tap bumpers when parallel parking, you don’t need a motorcycle. If this is a marginal barometer of your driving skills, save yourself the misery and skip the motorcycle and buy a hot tub instead.

Visit Spa Max and shop for your new hot tub today.