Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona Offers Super Bowl Party Tips

Even if you are not a fan of football, the Super Bowl is still a must-watch event. It’s also a great excuse to invite family and friends over for some fun, laughs and a dip in your hot tub. Your Super Bowl party can be one of the more casual events you host this year, but there will still be planning that needs to be done. 

Granted, no matter how much planning goes into your event, it still won’t be perfect. Somebody is bound to spill red wine on your white carpet or some kid will undoubtedly have a major meltdown, but you do your best to ensure everybody else has a good time. As long as you take care of the important components, a few hiccups here and there aren’t going to really matter. 

In an effort to ensure you throw a wildly successful Super Bowl party, Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers these tips to hosting an awesome party.

Start Early

Your job as a Super Bowl party host begins early, days before the actual event. In addition to cleaning and tidying up your home, you should make sure the hot tub is clean and in good working order. People get grossed out when they see a dirty hot tub.

Classic Foods are Key

You might think that your curried tofu salad and kale frittata will be a big hit, but we seriously doubt it. And even if there are a few people who appreciate your bold menu selection, most people would prefer more traditional Super Bowl party foods.   

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday that calls for traditional foods, so you had better stay on theme. No Super Bowl party is worth a post on Facebook or mention on Instagram unless there is pizza, wings, nachos, chili and a huge bowl of guacamole. 

Well-Stocked Bar

Just as there will be guests who love your curried tofu salad, there will be guests who don’t drink beer. A keg at your party is a no brainer, but you must also account for those who prefer something other than Coors Light in a plastic cup.

In addition to serving some of America’s favorite beer, you need to have an assortment of liquor, mixers and wine. This way, your guests can enjoy a glass of fine wine, a shot of tequila or a white Russian. And if you think Coors Light is the greatest beer ever, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. 

Ban the Kids

Kids are cute and all, but you can enjoy them the other 364 evenings out of the year. You need to face facts, kids don’t want to sit down and watch football and commercials for four hours straight. They are going to get bored and let you know about it and every self-respecting parent knows this. 

Fun and Games

You don’t want to heavily rely on the game. That is, if the game becomes a blow out in the first half, you need a back-up plan to keep everybody interested, engages and having a good time.

If the game is a bust early on, have entertainment ready so your guests enjoy themselves. Make sure you have a few board games, a deck of cards and even some music ready. Also, a game of Jenga is always better than the usually lousy halftime show.


It is important that you ensure there is enough seating for all of your guests. Nobody wants to be crammed into a small room without a chair to sit on. You might even consider having some big pillows and blankets on the floor to your guests can get comfy and cozy. It is also critical that you have it set up so that everybody at your party has a good view of the television. 

Think About Who to Invite

There are just some types of people you should avoid inviting to your Super Bowl party. For example, Bob from sales at work is a likable enough guy, but he is prone to super-award situations in social settings. It will be best if you keep him off your guest list. The reason why your brother-in-law is 44 and single is the very same reason you don’t invite him to the party either. 

If you want to throw a hot tub Super Bowl party this year, Spa Max can help. Visit our website and shop hot tubs today.