Bullfrog Spas and Dumb Things to Buy with Tax Returns

Tax season is in full swing. There are a few poor souls who are preparing to write the government a check, but most of you will sit back and wait for the arrival of your refund check. Good days. And while many of you will use your refund wisely, some will no doubt rush out and buy some pretty stupid things.

Some of you will make smart choices and put your refund into savings, pay off debt or invest in the stock market. Some of you will make a very good choice and use your refund to buy a Bullfrog spa from Spa Max. But for every person who buys a hot tub or otherwise makes smart decisions on their refund purchases, there will be those who use their money to buy trips to Vegas, expensive dinners and motorcycles. Here are the worst things you can do with your tax refund.

Mattress Stuffing

Some of you prefer to keep your money close to you, perhaps as close as under your mattress. Even if you are a little paranoid about sticking large sums of money into a bank account, the risk of somebody swiping your cash at home is pretty high. In addition, you will gain no interest keeping your cash stashed in your mattress.

A Car You Can’t Afford

It might be tempting to use your tax returns to put a down payment on a car. But even if you put a rather large down payment on a car, you will still need to make monthly payments that might be tough to meet every month. 

Throwing an Epic Party

It sounds like a whole lot of fun. Just imagine the raging party you can throw if you paid for it with your tax return money. You could offer a few kegs in addition to fancy drinks, expensive food and that band that does REO Speedwagon covers. You might even have enough money left over to hire that one guy from that show that went off the air 24 years ago to make an appearance at your party.

This is all wonderful to be sure. However, the likelihood that you will remember anything about your epic party is very slim. You will be basically paying for a party that you won’t remember.

Vegas, Baby

You might think it is a good idea to take your refund to Las Vegas and try to double or even triple it. It is more likely that you will wind up losing it. Even worse, you might end up losing all of your tax refund plus any other money you brought with you for the occasion. Sports EquipmentIt is fine if you spend your tax returns on a tennis gear if you are actually going to play the sport, but don’t drop several grand on a fancy set of golf clubs only to let them gather dust in your garage. The same holds true with that fishing boat you have always wanted. If you are going to use it, great, but if all it does is take up room in the driveway, then it probably isn’t a wise investment.

Impulse Pet Purchase

It might not be a bad idea to get a cat or a dog if that is what you really want, but consider that a pet is not a one-time expense. No sir, you will be paying for that cat or dog for many years to come. We do recommend that you completely avoid buying an expensive, exotic animal with your tax return money. What are you going to do with a pot-bellied pig or ferret anyway? 

Expensive Clothes

You could spend your tax money on a very expensive pair of jeans, if that is what makes you happy. We just wonder how long that $200 pair of jeans will keep you happy. The thrill of expensive jeans is sure to wear off in a few weeks, a month or two at most. And even if they keep your interest for a decent period of time, they will either get holes in them or become unfashionable in less than a year.

Be smart with your tax returns and buy a hot tub from Spa Max. Shop now.