Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Throwing an Epic Barbecue

May is National Barbecue Month and you should be planning your next big barbecue bash.

There is no better way to celebrate the season of summer than by throwing an epic barbecue. Your barbecue will get people to come to your home and bring beer. All in exchange for some grilled foods and a dip in the hot tub.

There is no better way to entertain this summer than by throwing an epic barbecue. Make your backyard bash one to remember by keeping a few things in mind. Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers tips to throwing a barbecue party than people will be talking about weeks after it has ended.

Bug Out

This is a practical measure to take at your barbecue, yet many people forget to do so. One thing that can wreck an otherwise perfect barbecue is the annoying insects that can distract. Mosquitoes, flies and wasps are only a handful of the many insects that will buzz around your face and drive you insane.

Make sure you have tiki torches going or some other form of bug control.

Stock the Bar

This is no time to leave your guests high and dry, so make sure you have plenty of beverages for them to enjoy.

It is also a good idea to have a nice mix of drinks to serve. After all, not everybody enjoys sucking down Coors Light from a keg.

In addition to the ice-cold keg of anything but Coors Light, you should have a nice selection of liquor should anybody want a Harvey Walbanger or a Tom Collins. And don’t forget about your guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. This means offering more than water and iced tea.

Condiment Catastrophe

Have you ever been hesitant to squirt a bit of ketchup or mustard on your burger because the nozzle looked absolutely disgusting? And just what happened to the lid for the mayonnaise?

Avoid a condiment nightmare by pre-portioning condiments into empty muffin tins.

Get Your Groove On

You need a killer playlist to set the atmosphere of your barbecue. Your goal is to provide a stream of great music in the background that is loud enough for people to enjoy but not too loud as to drown out the political rant your uncle Ed is having.

Also, variety is the spice of life. So even if you can stand listening to Led Zeppelin and the Eagles for hours on end, that is not the case with most people. Your playlist should include tunes from all decades and all music genres, excluding country music of course.

Keep It Simple

While it is impressive that you can whip up a great cow tongue recipe, not everybody will be reaching for the serving spoon. A perfectly grilled burger, on the other hand, will have people standing in line for seconds.

Keep the menu simple by offering true-and-tried dishes. Make sure you have vegetarian options.

Offer Some Summer Fun

When it comes to your summer barbecue, let’s not forget about the games. Make it a barbecue party people won’t soon forget by having classic summer games available. From horseshoes to badminton to croquet, have enough games ready to keep the guests occupied.

Have a Seat

Your barbecue isn’t a formal sit down affair, but you still need to have enough seats for your guests.

We will put this as delicately as possible; people don’t like standing up to eat.

If necessary, rent some extra chairs to ensure that your guests have a place to park it should they desire.

Keep Things Cool

You have no control over the weather, but you can prepare for the worst.

Your barbecue might fall on the day when temperatures are in the 90s. You should be prepared by having ways guests can stay cool, like cool misting water or umbrellas set up to block out the sun.

You should also have a backup plan ready in case the weather turns sideways and delivers a storm.

Have a Trained Crew

Every barbecue should have a cast of characters who know what they are doing. You can designate somebody you trust to handle the music, just make sure you quiz them about their favorite bands first. You should reject any volunteer who raves about Cannibal Corpse.

Other crew members should include the nurse, the errand boy and the grill captain.

But first, shop Spa Max for your new hot tub.