Outdoor Furniture and Fresh Air

There are many of you who enjoy spending time at home. We get it, it’s fun spending time on the couch buried under cozy blankets munching popcorn and streaming Netflix. And there is nothing wrong with spending quality time indoors.

But we could all also do with getting some fresh air.

The best way to get fresh air is by spending some time outside, even if it is just in your backyard. In fact, you would probably want to spend more time outdoors if you had a decent set of outdoor furniture from Spa Max.

In this world of technology, you could spend all of your time on electronic devices scrolling your way through life. But what fun is that? You need to put down your smartphone and take a seat in your backyard. You will be surprised to read about all of the benefits of spending time outside.

Better Vision

One study showed that children who spent more time outside enjoyed a significantly reduced risk of becoming nearsighted. Being outside protects eyes. The dim lighting indoors makes it difficult for us to focus on an image, which causes our eyes to change shape to see more clearly.

The ample light you get when you are outdoors keeps your eyes from working as hard.

Weight Management

Exercise and a proper diet go a long way in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. You can’t expect to shed pounds while stretched out on your couch, covered in blankets, eating popcorn and watching television.

Just a simple stroll to the park can burn a ton of calories, a lot more than binge-watching eight hours of Stranger Things will, to be sure.

Calms the Mind

Depression and anxiety can be crippling. Coping with these mental illnesses is tough. Therapists recommend that getting plenty of exercise is key in helping ease mental and emotional pain.

Spending time outside improves our mood and it will also reduce feelings of anxiety. We are better able to focus while we are outdoors and this improved focus can help us feel better.

Clarity and peace are two very big reasons why it is healthy to spend time outside.

Better Focus

A recent study found that attention is enhanced by exposure to natural environments. Basically, that means you focus better when you are outside walking in your garden than when you are inside flopped on your couch.

Spending just 20 minutes outside is enough to elevate your attention and help you perform better. This dose of nature could help you get through your day. For a significant boost in productivity and concentration, try spending a few hours outside.

Boost Immunity

Spending too much time indoors can have a negative impact on your immune health. Your immune system works better if it is challenged on a regular basis. Unfortunately, your immune system doesn’t get challenged all that much when you are spending too much time inside.

The boost to your immune system that you get spending more time outdoors will have you feeling healthy and avoiding colds.

Stress Relief

Spending time outdoors is one way to help escape the stress of work. Stress is bad for you as it can hinder a healthy mind and immune system. High levels of stress are associated with obesity, depression and high blood pressure, all of which you will want to avoid.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to help manage your stress. Spending time outdoors in your hot tub is a wonderful way to help manage your stress.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be rather difficult to absorb just from eating food. In fact, you get up to 90 percent of your vitamin D from soaking in the sun. And here is the deal: You can’t soak in the sun when you are buried under the covers on your couch.

It is important that you get off the couch and get outside to take in the sunshine. Vitamin D is great for your bones and cell growth and it helps strengthen your immune functions.

Sleep Quality

Poor sleep patterns can cause a variety of deeper issues. Our sleep patterns are naturally linked to the sun’s schedule. So spending too much tie inside can disrupt your natural rhythms. This is why it is important that you get routine sun exposure, especially in the mornings.

So swing by Spa Max, stock up on patio furniture and spend more time outside this summer. It’s all for better health.