Hot Tubs in Corona and Stress

The odds are you had a day this week that was pretty stressful. Whether it was an intense meeting at work or a failed air conditioner at home, something probably happened that had you at wit’s end.

Hopefully, whatever was stressing you out was eventually resolved and you felt better about it. But this isn’t always the case.

We all suffer stress in life, that is just the way it goes and there isn’t really a whole lot you can do about it; except deal with it, of course. Now, a little stress in your life is quite normal and you will get over it and be just fine. But when stress is with you day in and day out, then it becomes a problem and will negatively affect your health.

After a stressful day at work, what do you do to chill out and feel better? If you have a hot tub, crank that baby up for a good soak, it will do you and your body a world of good. If you don’t have a hot tub, you need to find a way to deal with your stress, sooner rather than later.

Spa Max, your source for hot tubs in Corona, offers the ways stress messes with your body and mind.

It Makes You Exhausted

In addition to the fact that your anxiety keeps you awake at night, stress causes your body to release cortisol into the bloodstream, which triggers your body to deal with it. The problem is that you are trying to get some sleep and your body is stressed out and giving you more energy to deal with it. It makes it rather tough to fall asleep.

So you wind up getting up in the morning and you are dragging.

Screwed Up Libido

When your mind is on whatever is stressing you out, it is quite difficult to get in the mood. Chronic stress can impact the amount of estrogen your body produces, so you are less likely to feel like a dip under the sheets.

Bathroom Difficulties

Those knots in your stomach are more than just stress pain, it is pain because you have been constipated for a few days. Chronic stress impacts the hormones released by your thyroid glands and can lead to constipation.

Zit City

When you are all stressed out for a period of time, it can change your complexion. Yep, stress causes zits. In addition to zits on your face, stress can also show up on other parts of your body in the form of rashes. Nice.


Traumatic stress, which occurs when you feel threatened for yourself or others, seriously impacts the area of your brain where your memories are stored. This makes it difficult to remember a fact, an event or even long gaps of time.

Weight Gain

If you want to lose weight, you might want to give stress-management a shot. Studies show a huge connection between stress and weight gain. One reason might be that people who are stressed tend to eat more.

Losing Hair

Just as a spike in androgens can cause you to break out, it can also cause you to lose your hair. The good news is that it is not permanent and after you treat your stress, you can expect your hair to grow back.

Immune System

You need a strong immune system to fight colds and disease, but stress weakens the immune system. You will be more likely to catch a cold or suffer a disease if you suffer chronic stress.

Digestive System

Stress really messes up your digestive system. In addition to constipation, you can expect pain, gas and heartburn when you are suffering from chronic stress.

Heart and Lungs

The cortisol that your body releases when you are stressed can eventually make any heart or lung conditions you might have worse.

Muscles and Joints

Stress can cause pain in your muscles as well as tightness. It can also lead to flare-ups of arthritis symptoms.

Mental Health

Stress can reduce your enthusiasm for the things you like to do and bring on the symptoms of depression. You will also eat poorly and exercise less, which will make these symptoms worse.

So get a hot tub at Spa Max and deal with your stress.