Your Hot Tub Dealer and How Technology is Killing You

Technology is killing you.

Technological gadgets are everywhere and are becoming even more prominent in everyday life. Think about how many people you see walking down the sidewalk either talking on their cell phone, texting on their phone or with earbuds on listening to music, podcasts or whatever else people listen to on their phones.

Our culture has become more and more reliant on the various ways we embrace technology. And while most people think that the overall impact of such technology is minimal and basically harmless, the truth is that it is actually quite destructive. Technology is killing us.

We suggest that you toss your smartphone, tablet and laptop aside and go spend some time in the hot tub, where you are safe from the reach of technology. Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers ways in which technology is killing you, or, at least, ways technology is making your life worse.

Short Attention Span

Studies show that students today have a shorter attention span than ever before. The use of technology can actually alter the way your brain is wired and it can significantly shorten your ability to pay attention

In fact, half of the people reading this article will only get through the first two paragraphs before getting bored and moving on to a YouTube video.

Lots of Bullying

Back in the day, before social media, when you were being bullies, at least you knew who was doing it. This gave you the opportunity to walk away when it was happening in your face. Now, bullies can torment anybody at any time, and they hide behind a screen doing in anonymously. Sure, they are cowards, but you still have to deal with them.


Back in the day, there were people who would try to rip you off. Again, if somebody was going to try to rip you off, it was done face to face. Today, you can’t check your email without having a junk box full of scams. It has even gotten to the point where incoming calls are listed as likely scams.

Obesity, Depression and Low Self-Esteem

What do obesity, depression and low self-esteem have in common? That’s right, technology contributes to each of these issues. Using technology causes bad health habits, lack of human contact and lack of exercise. Face it, technology does not foster a healthy lifestyle.

Harms Sleeping Patterns

There are several ways in which we can watch television shows. You can stream Netflix on your smartphone, watch Hulu on your laptop or rewatch Game of Thrones on your tablet. But what many people wind up doing is binge-watching for hours on end. This cuts into family time and time that you should be sleeping.

You might regret watching six episodes of Stranger Things into the wee hours of the morning, but we bet you will do the same thing tonight.


We all want to post that killer selfie on Instagram. The cult of selfies has grown dramatically over the years and people will go through great pains for the ultimate selfie, even if it means putting your life in danger. All for a stupid picture. You know the story because it is increasingly more common, people die taking stupid selfies.


You might think that Twitter can’t possibly do any damage. But you would be wrong. All it takes is an idiotic text from a person in power and a Twitter-inspired doomsday scenario increases dramatically.

Video Games

We have searched, and to our knowledge nobody has ever died from playing too much Pac-Man at the arcade. But modern games are a threat as people have died playing video games.


Do you know someone who starts to shake and convulse when they put their smartphone down? This is just what the world needs, another form of addiction.

Lack of Privacy

We have apps that track our location and we are on social media where people can find our phone numbers and what we are doing in life. Your personal information is no longer a big secret as it is probably listed all over the internet. People know who you are, where you are and what you are doing.

This is fine when it comes to family and friends. However, total strangers are privy to this information as well. That’s got to feel a little creepy.

Like we said earlier, rid yourself of your technological devices and go sit in a relaxing hot tub. Shop Spa Max today.