Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Toilet Paper

Sit down and relax, it’s time for a short history lesson. Pay attention because there might be a quiz about this later. In 1857, a guy by the name of Joseph Gayetty invented something we all use on a daily basis: Toilet paper. This was at a time when people posed for over an hour for a photograph, there were 32 states and kerosene was used to kill head lice.

Throughout mankind’s history, we have always had to use the bathroom, even when that meant having to squat behind a boulder or under a tree. The process of elimination has remained steady over the years, but the way we clean up after ourselves has changed over the years.

Way back in the day, we would use whatever was handy at the moment. This would include rocks, wood shavings and sticks. The Chinese were actually the first to utilize paper as a cleaning tool in the 6th century. However, the widespread use of paper for cleaning was still 1,300 years away.

For many years, Americans would use what was readily available. This would include the Sears catalog, which was free in the mail and much more comfortable than rocks and sticks.

Toilet paper has evolved over the years, but many people think it should just disappear altogether. There are some very good reasons that should happen. Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers the reasons why you should never buy toilet paper again.

It’s Expensive

Over the course of your lifetime, you can expect to spend around $8,000 on toilet paper. That is a lot of money to flush down the toilet, literally.

It Clogs Your Toilet

There are few situations worse than when you flush the toilet and watch as the water rises. Panic immediately sets in, especially if you are not at your house. Your only hope is that a plunger is within arm’s reach.

Toilet paper might be labeled as flushable, but many toilets simply cannot handle it.

It Can Cause Injury

You might not know your own strength or perhaps you are just an aggressive wiper, either way, you can cause damage. Around 5% of the population, men mostly, will suffer an injury using toilet paper. When this does happen, you can expect to be sore until the fissure heals in about 12 weeks.

It’s an Embarrassing Purchase

There is no way you can subtly buy toilet paper. Most toilet paper is sold in colossal packaging that never fits in the grocery cart. You wind up having to carry it astound on your shoulders. At this point, you are basically letting everybody in the grocery store know what you plan on doing when you get home.

It is the Cause of Much Debate

There has been a heated debate concerning toilet paper for a very long time. It has caused a great deal of grief and has divided families. Over or under: which way is right?

It Does a Poor Job Getting You Clean

Wiping with toilet paper never really cleans you up. As a matter of fact, it pretty much makes matters worse. You don’t clean your body with a dry towel. If there is any doubt, rub a Snickers bar on the wood floor and try to clean it up with toilet paper.

Full of Bacteria

There is a recent study that showed toilet paper as one of the culprits that spreads germs. Toilet paper dispensers are always hung on the wall or stall near the toilet. When the toilet paper gets unrolled, it rubs up against the wall or stall and gets infested with germs. The germs cling to the toilet paper and spread to other people.

People put their fingers all over the toilet paper when they are finished with business. You can imagine how dirty those fingers are. When you use toilet paper in a public bathroom, you are basically swapping out germs.


It is time to toss the toilet paper and invest in a bidet. Not only are bidets more environmentally friendly, but they will also clean you much more efficiently and greatly reduce the risk of injury. Not only that, but they also keep your toilet from getting clogged.

Think about that. Give Spa Max a call if you are interested in a hot tub.