Six Reasons Why You Need a Swim Spa

Decades ago, a pool used to be the most coveted home addition. They were part of the iconic American family lifestyle, along with a couple of cars in the garage and a dog on the front porch. Although many people made the investment and installed above- and below-ground pools in their backyards, the high-cost and time they took to maintain made them lose their appeal rather quickly. 

If you’ve always wanted to be able to go swimming whenever you wanted, but don’t have the space (or money) to invest in a pool, a swim spa may be just the thing you need. In fact, a swim spa can offer many things that a traditional pool can’t, and in today’s blog from Spa Max, we’re going to talk all about them. Keep reading to learn more.

Easy To Install 

There’s nothing worse than making up your mind to buy something and then having to wait weeks to have it installed. That’s what you’ll have to do if you decide to buy a pool. A swim spa, on the other hand, can be installed in the course of an afternoon. 

When it comes to the cost of installation, a swim spa usually costs about half as much as a pool. That’s because installing a pool is a major construction project — even if you opt for a simple above-ground option. You’ll need to do some excavation and landscaping. That’s right — even for an above-ground pool, you’ll need to spend some money to create a level patch of ground free of tree roots and rocks. Many people also want to build a deck to go around or on the side of their pool. That’s because lounging by the pool is often just as enjoyable as spending time in it. And finally, you’ll need to install a fence to make sure small children or pets don’t accidentally fall into the pool. All of these costs of installing a pool can really add up!

Year-Round Use

After you’ve spent all of that time and hard-earned money to install a pool, you may only be able to use it 6 months out of the year (and that’s if you live in Southern California!) If you want to be able to swim even if the outside air is a little chilly, a swim spa can offer you the consistent and comfortable temperature you’re looking for. 

Compact Size

 Not everyone has acres of backyard to fit a large swimming pool, and even if yours is larger than most, you may not want a pool taking up all of your extra space. A swim spa, on the other hand, is usually ¼ the size of an average swimming pool so you can have a place to swim and still have plenty of room to install a barbecue, shed, or just keep a large grassy area for Rover to run. 

Easy To Maintain

Homes already take a lot to maintain, but having to keep up a pool as well is enough to put you over the edge. It’s not like you can just drop in some chemicals and not have to worry about anything for a month. Pools require intensive daily cleaning and chemical monitoring. You can certainly do all of the work yourself to save some money, but you’ll still have to pay for the chemicals. You could also hire someone to do the cleaning and add the chemicals for you, but it will come with a hefty fee. 

With a swim spa, you have less water and less to maintain making cleaning them a breeze and a big savings on your pocketbook. 


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of owning a swim spa is the convenience. Even if you own a pool, you still probably have to take some time to do a quick cleaning and skimming of the bugs floating on top. For those who don’t have a pool, maybe they have a community pool that they have access to — but even though it’s in the same neighborhood it still isn’t that convenient. You have to change your clothes, gather up the towels, find your flip flops, and don’t forget the sunscreen! Then you have to cart all of your stuff a couple of blocks or more away — and have to endure a cold, wet return home.

With a swim spa in your backyard, you can open up your patio door and step in for a swim whenever the mood strikes you. No need to pack up a pool bag or put on your shoes, just get your bathing suit (or not) and get in. 

Health Benefits

Just about everyone could benefit from a little more exercise in their lives. Hours spent at a computer, in a car, or on the couch, every day can wreak havoc on your health. It’s not always possible to find the time to spend an hour at the gym every day, and even if you have the time, it’s hard to get motivated to actually do something. That is — unless you have a swim spa. 

A swim spa makes it fun and easy to exercise at home. The counter-current works your muscles and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Because it’s right in the backyard and so convenient, you’ll be more likely to exercise more often. 

Another health benefit you’ll get from your swim spa is stress reduction. Like a hot tub, you can use them to soak in heated water with the jets massaging your body. They’re really like getting the best of both worlds — the relaxing benefits of a hot tub and the ability to do a complete workout, all in the comfort of your own backyard.

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