Three Ways a New Hot Tub Can Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

The past year has been challenging to say the least. COVID-19 brought about stress, anxiety, and changes in daily routine for many people. Things like working from home, not being able to go to the gym to exercise, and social isolation have taken its toll both physically and mentally. That’s why, when the calendar turned to a new year, many people made promises to get healthier, feel better, and prepare themselves for a return to normalcy. 

With just a few weeks into the new year, and the pandemic still far from over, you might already be finding it difficult to stick to your New Year’s resolution. That’s why, in today’s blog, we want to discuss how owning a hot tub can help you in your quest for a better, and healthier year. Keep reading, and if you’re searching for hot tubs for sale, visit SpaMax in Corona.   

Resolution #1: Reduce Stress

Just about everyone would agree that the past year has been incredibly stressful. Normally, the challenges of everyday life can be offset with a much-needed vacation or fun and relaxing time spent with others. With limitations on social interaction and travel, many have been left to deal with ongoing stress without relief. 

Prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your body, both physically and mentally. So, if your New Year’s resolution is to feel less stressed despite things still not being back to normal, one way you can do so is with the help of a hot tub. Just the thought of sinking into a pool of bubbly hot water is enough to lower your blood pressure. Just imagine having one to come home to every day. Or, if you work from home, think of how much better your day would be if you could enjoy a short soak over your lunch hour. The soothing effect of the warm water massaging your tensions away is an easy way to get instant relief — no matter what is going on in the world.

Resolution #2: Get Better Sleep

According to the CDC, approximately one in three adults don’t get enough sleep — and that’s when things are “normal”! Add in the fact that many people now have increased anxiety about their health, their jobs, and the future in general and it’s easy to see why so many are suffering from a lack of sleep. Quality rest is critical for health, and with many people making resolutions that affect their health in some way, getting more sleep is a common resolution for the new year. 

If your goal is to feel more rested and get the sleep that your body needs, there are several ways to do it. Diet, exercise, meditation — these are all things you can do to help you sleep better. However, trying to find the time to do these things can actually create more stress and loss of sleep. If you want a quick and easy way to fall asleep faster and feel more rested, try spending just 15 minutes a day in a hot tub. Unlike some other healthy habits that take considerably more effort, you’ll look forward to the time you can spend soaking peacefully in your hot tub. Not only can it help to put your mind at ease, but it can also reduce everyday aches and pains that can cause you to lie awake at night. 

Resolution #3: Improve Mental Health

As people struggle with social isolation, anxiety, and depression as a result of the pandemic, maintaining positive mental health has become more of a challenge. Some people choose unhealthy forms of coping — one of the most popular forms of coping has led to an unprecedented increase in liquor sales. And, while beneficial for liquor store owners, trying to numb feelings with alcohol usually creates even more problems. 

If your New Year’s resolution involves better mental health and finding constructive ways to cope with what’s going on around you, consider buying a hot tub. According to the Cleveland Clinic, relaxing in a bath of warm water has been linked to a decrease in stress hormones. This, along with an increase in blood flow and slower, more controlled breathing can help to make you feel more at peace.

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