Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Sprucing Up Your Backyard

Summer is coming really fast and it is time to get your backyard ready for relaxing evenings and lazy weekends. If you are sitting at work thinking about redesigning your backyard, you are probably not alone. Nothing inspires work around the home more than sitting at work on a Tuesday morning following a three-day weekend.…read more

Outdoor Furniture in Corona and Celebrating Memorial Day

Between blockbuster movie releases, barbecues and trips to the beach, Memorial Day weekend is much more than just the unofficial beginning of summer. And while it is important not to lose sight of the meaning of Memorial Day, it is still a holiday filled with good times. This Memorial Day, spend your time enjoying the…read more

Patio Furniture in Corona and Reasons Facebook is Killing You

Facebook is killing you. Well, not literally, thankfully, but it is ruining your life. Social media has completely transformed the range of our life experiences. Think about the last time you took a vacation or even went out for dinner. To be sure, you see more people with their backs turned to the Grand Canyon…read more