Bullfrog Spas and Spiders

Spiders of all types and sizes will make their way into your home. And when you spot one scurrying across your floor, you have to kill it. If not, you will sit in your hot tub wondering when and where it will appear again. It will haunt you. It does not matter if the spider…read more

Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tub Myths

Hot tubs are becoming more and more available to Americans. With a variety of models, sizes and a range of costs, anybody can take full advantage of the benefits hot tubs offer. Perhaps you have been seriously thinking about getting a hot tub, but are put off because you have heard rumors about them. Before…read more

Bullfrog Hot Tubs and Custom Decks

Spring is just around the corner. No, seriously, it is. Of course, since this is Southern California, that really doesn’t mean much as the weather is pretty awesome here most of the year anyway. Nevertheless, spring is nearing and this means it’s time to turn your attention to all of the things you want to…read more

A Bullfrog Spa from Your California Hot Tub Dealer Will Help You Feel Better

We all know that somewhere in the universe, there is an enormous scale of problems ranging from “they put freaking tomatoes on my chicken sandwich when I specifically asked for no tomatoes” to the breakout of the zombie apocalypse and you happen to be completely out of ammo and bubblegum. Indeed, a very wide range…read more

Bullfrog Spas Make Good Gifts

You have an anniversary coming up, and whether you will be celebrating one year together or 50 years together, you had better not fail in the gift department. You have probably heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life,” this saying couldn’t be any truer. And if you get her an anniversary gift that falls flat…read more