Tips for Your Next Hot Tub Date Night

Tips for Your Next Hot Tub Date Night spamax corona

Hot tubs have traditionally been associated with love. After all, you are in a warm environment, your muscles are being relaxed, and you may be sipping on a glass of champagne or wine, which relaxes you as well. This makes conversations easier, and before you know it, your lounging around in a hot tub has…read more

Three Ways a New Hot Tub Can Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

The past year has been challenging to say the least. COVID-19 brought about stress, anxiety, and changes in daily routine for many people. Things like working from home, not being able to go to the gym to exercise, and social isolation have taken its toll both physically and mentally. That’s why, when the calendar turned…read more

Hot Tubs and Family Bonding

The families that play together, stay together. We all know that quality time with our family is paramount in building strong bonds and relationships. Just being together makes a big difference in all of your lives. Family time teaches children about interacting with others, builds confidence and creates everlasting memories. But there is a problem.…read more

Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Sprucing Up Your Backyard

Summer is coming really fast and it is time to get your backyard ready for relaxing evenings and lazy weekends. If you are sitting at work thinking about redesigning your backyard, you are probably not alone. Nothing inspires work around the home more than sitting at work on a Tuesday morning following a three-day weekend.…read more