Swim Spas and the Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has been called the perfect exercise. After all, you get all of the benefits of an aerobic workout without causing any damage to your joints. Swimming is a great exercise for people of all ages. It is easy enough to learn and you can go at your own pace. As you know, you should…read more

Benefits of Swim Spas

For many, the ideal home, the perfect home, wouldn’t be complete without a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people cannot afford a home with a pool, or to have a pool installed for that matter. In some cases, a homeowner might have the funds available to install a swimming pool, but their yard…read more

Whether You Live in Corona, Riverside or San Bernardino, a Swim Spa is the Perfect Blend of a Swimming Pool and Hot Tub All Combined in One

Whether you live in Corona, Riverside or San Bernardino, a swim spa is the perfect blend of a swimming pool and hot tub all combined in one. Owning a swim spa shouldn’t be a tough decision, deciding where to install your swim spa should be the only choice you have to make. But if you…read more

A Swim Spa From Your Southern California Hot Tub Superstore Provides Benefits

A swim spa from your Southern California hot tub superstore provides all of the benefits of swimming in a nice, compact package. Swim spas produce a current that users can swim against and they also provide plenty of room for aquatic exercises. There are even swim spas deep enough that you can do some underwater…read more

You Live in Southern California and Think Hot Tubs Require Swimsuits

You have been invited over to a friend’s house for a soak in their hot tub but are really unsure about hot tub etiquette. You live in Southern California and think hot tubs require swimsuits, but your friend is a somewhat uninhibited if not a daring type of soul. That is, you really don’t know…read more

Why So Many People in Southern California Own Hot Tubs

Owning a hot tub not only means you can enjoy soaking your tired muscles or painful joints whenever you want, it also means you can throw a hot tub party when the urge hits you. Indeed, owning a hot tub is the best way to have your friends and family gather for some fun outdoor…read more

The Majority of Hot Tubs in Southern California are installed Outside

You’re a handy guy, you always manage to get things fixed around the house without having to call in a professional, most of the time that is. You are pretty handy with the basic tools and take pride in learning how to complete new projects. So here is the scenario, you have just left Spa…read more

For a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Size Pool, You Can Have a Swim Spa Installed at Your Southern California Home

Swimming is fun. There is no doubt about it, ask anyone and they will likely say that they enjoy swimming. Swimming is also good exercise. We are guessing if you had the choice between doing situps and pushups for an hour or swimming, most would opt for a good swim. Now, not everybody owns a…read more