Hot Tub Etiquette

You have just purchased your very first hot tub, congratulations. You are quite happy because you got a killer deal at Spa Max. Your hot tub is set up and ready to go, so you send out a few texts inviting your friends over for a spontaneous hot tub gathering.

We’ll tell you right now it is going to be a blast. That is, as long as everybody follows the rules. But before taking that first dip with your friends, here are a few things you need to know about hot tubs, care and etiquette.


Be sure you let your friends know the rules of the household when it comes to what to wear in your hot tub. If you are adventurous and not shy, you are likely to implement the no clothes option.

This is fine as long as your guests know that there will be nudity at your gathering. But there is nothing more embarrassing than getting in a hot tub and realizing the person next to you is in the buff.

As gracious hosts, you will want to ensure your guests are comfortable, so some thought needs to go into making this decision. Also, not all of your friends have, well, great bodies, so keep that in mind as well.

Shower First

You might also want to tell your guests to shower before they head over to your place. You may have spent the day cool and under control, but you have friends who may have spent the day doing hard labor in the heat and nobody wants that person in the hot tub without a cleansing shower first.

The other reason you want guests to shower is that lotions and other residues on your body will come off in the hot tub and that’s not good.

Open Sores

You need to make a rule that anyone with an open cut or sore cannot soak in the hot tub. There are obvious reasons for making this rule you know.

Also, make it a rule that nobody can ask about scars or funny birthmarks. People hate having to listen to stories about scars.


These days, everybody has a smartphone and all smartphones have cameras. This is great most of the time, but not necessarily during a hot tub party.

While some people have no problem posing for a picture and having that picture posted on social media, not everybody will appreciate that. Some people enjoy their privacy and would rather not have people trying to take their picture.

You can choose to ban smartphones all together or make a rule that before any pictures are taken, you must ask first.


It is a great idea to ask your guests to bring their own towels for a number of reasons. First off, you simply may not have enough towels to hand out to all of your guests. And even if you do, washing all of those towels after the party is a total drag. So tell your guests to bring their own towels.


If you are with your significant other, hold the passion until you get home. Remind your guests that your hot tub party is rated PG, maybe R, but definitely not XXX. Intimacy in the hot tub is fine if there are only two of you.


Sure, Fido loves hanging out in the hot tub and it is cute, but you need to tell your guests that pets are not allowed in the hot tub.

There are several reasons for this rule. First of all, not everybody at the gathering will appreciate a dog in the same hot tub they are soaking in. In addition, dogs shed in the hot tub and this can cause problems and even damage your hot tub. Lastly, it is not healthy to have a dog in a hot tub, so be a responsible pet owner.

What About Food?

Food is a necessity when you throw a hot tub party or even if you are having just a few friends over. Light finger foods are perfect for the occasion, but it is best if you tell your guests not to eat while they are in the hot tub.

Potato chips are the worst food you can eat in a hot tub, the crumbs will fall into the water and could clog things up. And whatever foods do fall in the tub will turn soggy and gross, your guests won’t want that and neither do you because you are the one left cleaning up a disgusting mess.


Even in a room full of people, children should never be left unattended in your hot tub. If children are allowed to attend the party and sit in the hot tub, make sure adults are accompanying them at all times.

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