While Shopping Hot Tubs For Sale, Check Out the Types of Hot Tub Covers Available

While shopping hot tubs for sale, it would be wise to check out the types of hot tub covers available. But you may not know anything about hot tub covers and don’t know where to start. This is why we have created this handy guide to hot tub covers. Modern spa covers are tapered so…read more

For Owners of Hot Tubs in Southern California, a Quick Soak is a Great Way to Relieve the Day’s Stress

As with anybody else, you likely suffer your fair share of stress during a typical work day. Even if you are lucky enough to hold a relatively stress-free job, you might fall victim to traffic jams, moody girlfriends or unruly, noisy kids at the grocery store. The point we are trying to make is that…read more

How to Prepare for a Romantic Interlude in Your Southern California Hot Tub

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You Live in Southern California and Think Hot Tubs Require Swimsuits

You have been invited over to a friend’s house for a soak in their hot tub but are really unsure about hot tub etiquette. You live in Southern California and think hot tubs require swimsuits, but your friend is a somewhat uninhibited if not a daring type of soul. That is, you really don’t know…read more

If You Live in Southern California Looking for Hot Tubs for Sale, Visit Our Website

If you don’t own a hot tub, you are missing out on a lot of fun. If you live in Southern California looking for hot tubs for sale, visit our website for great deals. If you already own a hot tub, then you know that spring is one of the best times of year to…read more

The Many Health Benefits Associated with Corona Hot Tubs

In our last post, we were discussing the many health benefits associated with Corona hot tubs. We kindly let you know that your hot tub can improve your sleep, reduce pain from arthritis and other chronic pain and reduce your levels of anxiety. Well, it seems as we have just scratched the surface. You see,…read more

When You Think About Southern California Hot Tubs, You Probably Think About How Fun They Are

There are any number of benefits in owning your very own hot tub. When you think about Southern California hot tubs, you probably think about how fun they are, how they invigorate and how they are very relaxing. While all of this is completely true, it is a bit short-sighted. You see, hot tubs offer…read more

Why So Many People in Southern California Own Hot Tubs

Owning a hot tub not only means you can enjoy soaking your tired muscles or painful joints whenever you want, it also means you can throw a hot tub party when the urge hits you. Indeed, owning a hot tub is the best way to have your friends and family gather for some fun outdoor…read more

Whether You Live in Corona, Riverside, Los Angles or Anywhere Else in Southern California, Adding a Hot Tub to Your Home is a Worthwhile Investment

Whether you live in Corona, Riverside, Los Angles or anywhere else in Southern California, adding a hot tub to your home is a worthwhile investment. But if you have never owned a hot tub before you might be asking yourself why all the fuss over hot tubs. Well, we will tell you why, so read on.…read more

There are Many Great Reasons People Have Hot Tubs Installed at Their Southern California Homes

There are many great reasons people have hot tubs installed at their Southern California homes. Hot tubs are fun, they give you an excuse to throw a party and they are a good way to get the family together for a common activity. But were you aware that there are hot tubs made exclusively for…read more

The Majority of Hot Tubs in Southern California are installed Outside

You’re a handy guy, you always manage to get things fixed around the house without having to call in a professional, most of the time that is. You are pretty handy with the basic tools and take pride in learning how to complete new projects. So here is the scenario, you have just left Spa…read more

Whether You Live in Los Angeles, Corona, Riverside or Anywhere Else in Southern California, Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are a Popular Form of Relaxation

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Corona, Riverside or anywhere else in Southern California, hot tubs and swim spas are a popular form of entertainment and relaxation. Anybody who owns a hot tub knows they are a great way to ease the stresses of the day and are a must when hosting a party, but…read more

For a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Size Pool, You Can Have a Swim Spa Installed at Your Southern California Home

Swimming is fun. There is no doubt about it, ask anyone and they will likely say that they enjoy swimming. Swimming is also good exercise. We are guessing if you had the choice between doing situps and pushups for an hour or swimming, most would opt for a good swim. Now, not everybody owns a…read more

Are You Considering Buying A Hot Tub In Los Angeles?

If you’ve been dreaming of having your very own hot tub in Los Angeles right in the convenience of your back yard, Rick’s Pool & Spa is the place to go. However, just going and buying any hot tub won’t work. There are a few things you must consider before you invest in a hot…read more