Hot Tub Dealers and Holiday Activities

What is the great thing about the Holiday season? In addition to the gifts, it has to be the chance to spend some valuable time with your family. The holiday season is the time of year when family members make the effort to travel and see their parents. And if your kids are still in school, they have plenty of time off over the holidays to spend it with their parents. So this makes the holiday season perfect for family activities. 

Family activities and family traditions are important, regardless of how you choose to celebrate the holiday. They are meant to provide cherished and meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. Family activities and traditions can be as simple as you wish to make them. For example, you can choose to have a family game night by a roaring fire or start a tradition of sitting in the hot tub after a long day of gift shopping.  

Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers up a few family traditions and activities you can start this holiday season.

Writing Letters to Santa

If you have younger children, pick an afternoon or early evening to spend writing letters to Santa. This should be done with pencil and paper as opposed to electronically composed. It is a good way to learn writing and spelling skills and both you and your children will enjoy sending the lists of what they want for Christmas to the North Pole.

Visit a Tree Farm

Heading to the local tree farm to pick out the perfect tree is a great family activity. This is a tradition that won’t die when the kids grow up. In fact, the more family members you have picking out the perfect tree, the more fun the activity.

In addition, many tree farms offer other activities including hay rides and sleigh rides. Heck, you might even meet Santa.

Decorate The Tree

In many households, decorating the tree is a one person job and that is not how it should be. The Christmas tree will be the focal point for the next several weeks, so have the family deck it out in style. Just make sure you supervise the unpacking of the glass bulbs if small children are helping out, you will want to avoid breakage. Have family members take turns hanging lights and ornaments on the tree. A boost from mom or dad will be needed for small children to reach higher branches. 

Hot Cocoa Bar

Pick a night to break out the hot chocolate and cookies. Step up for the occasion with a hot chocolate station complete with marshmallows, colored sprinkles and whipped cream.


Pick a night to hop in the family vehicle and drive around checking out the dazzling displays around the neighborhood. Pack a thermos or two of hot chocolate or hot cider and some snacks and make an evening of it. You will no doubt be impressed by some of the displays, some people treat holiday decorations like highly-touted skill.

Movie Marathon

There are a great number of holiday movies that should be watched to honor the season. If you are tired of the same holiday movies every year, watch a few of the Harry Potter movies. Just make sure there is plenty of popcorn on hand for the occasion.

Go Bowling

Most families don’t make the time to go bowling on a regular basis. It may have been years since the last time you rolled a ball down the lane. Bowling is a great indoor activity that is a blast even if you aren’t very good at it. And as a bonus, most bowling alleys serve the best greasy food and nachos. 

Holiday Reading

When was the last time you sat down and read “The Night Before Christmas” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?” We are guessing it has been years. Take a night to read holiday books to your children. If your kids are all grown up, head to the bookstore and pick out an interesting holiday book to read. 

Sit In The Hot Tub

Pick a night to sit in the hot tub and relax after a day of shopping. It will leave you relaxed and less stressed. If you don’t have a hot tub, now is a good time to visit Spa Max.