Bullfrog Hot Tubs and Exercises

People often associate swimming pools with exercise and think hot tubs are places of relaxation and romance. And while this is true, hot tubs can also be a place to exercise. The warm, bubbling environment of a hot tub makes it a unique place to get fit.

You can perform a wide range of exercises in your Bullfrog hot tub from Spa Max. Here is a list of low-impact moves that promote flexibility, heart health, weight loss and muscle tone. 

Stretch It Out

The best way to begin and end a workout is by stretching out. Begin in a standing position, bend one knee and grab your foot behind you. Pull up against the resistance of the water. If you need support, hold on to the side of the hot tub with one hand.

Now, stretch out your back, shoulders and torso by gripping the side of your hot tub with both feet flat and swinging your hips around. 


Get your squat on without hurting your knees by doing them in your hot tub. Tilt your head back and extend your arms for balance, to prevent stress on your joints, don’t lock up your knees.

Raise Your Heels

Stand flat-footed in your hot tub and raise from your heels to your toes for three sets of 30 repetitions. This exercise will help you stay balanced and slim and tone your calves.

Cross Your Arms

Keep your shoulders submerged and extend your arms with your palms facing down. Move your arms straight out to your sides and then cross them in front of your chest. Doing this will increase your heart rate.

Clap Your Hands

In a standing position in the middle of the hot tub, submerge your arms with your thumbs up and bring your hands together and then back out again. Just as you did when clapping for an encore at the last concert you attended. This is a simple move made much more challenging with the resistance you get being in the water. 

Kick Your Feet

Have a seat in your hot tub and extend your legs to the center of the spa. Bend your knees like you are going to ride a bike and start pedaling. This is a great way to loosen up your hips and work on your quads. Remember to keep your legs submerged.

Shoulder Rolls

Stand in the center of your hot tub and then drop down to your knees. From this position, roll your shoulders forward and backward. Then roll your right shoulder in a circle for several minutes and then switch to the left shoulder. For the grand finale, roll both shoulders in a circle at the same time.


Running in the water provides a low-impact workout. Run against the jets for some added intensity. You can also run while holding added weights for a tougher workout.

When you are finished, do your stretches again before exiting your hot tub.

If we have piqued your interest in hot tub exercises but don’t have a hot tub, contact Spa Max right away.