Garden Furniture in Corona and Hot Tub Parties

So, you have been invited to a hot tub party and you are quite excited about it. It has been a long winter and the only social activities you have been engaged in were with family members. You even chose not to go to that New Year’s Eve party and instead opted for an evening of popcorn and Netflix.

But you have neglected your social life and now you feel all knotted up and ready to feel free and happy at a party.

It is the beginning of summer and probably the first of many hot tub parties that you will attend. Providing, of course, that you don’t make a complete fool of yourself at this party and never get invited back.

The thing with parties is that they are social events in which whatever you do, other people are going to know about it. You make one mistake at a hot tub party and it quickly travels among social circles.

So, in attending this hot tub party, it will either be the social highlight of the year or a humiliating disaster that forces you to spend the next year living it down.

Spa Max, your source for garden furniture in Corona, offers this list of things you shouldn’t do at a hot tub party.

Don’t Be the First One to Arrive

We get it, you haven’t been to a party in a long time and you are super-excited to get things rolling. But if the party starts at 6:00., don’t be the fool knocking at the door at 5:30. If you do, you will get a funny look from the host and word will spread about how you broke protocol.

To master the art of punctuality, whatever time you think you should show up, wait an hour and then knock on the door.

Don’t Be the Last One to Leave

If it comes down to just you and the host, you have overstayed your welcome. It is time to grab your towel and go.

Don’t Be the One Who is Taking Videos the Whole Time

We get it, you like to take a ton of pictures and videos to post to social media. That is fine, but only to a point.

Nobody wants to get near the guy or gal who has their phone in selfie mode all night long.

Don’t Pre Drink Before the Party

It is not cool at all to show up to a party already drunk. In fact, the chances are pretty good that should that happen, the rest of the evening will be a disaster.

To start, it’s just rude to show up to a party already sauced. It will also make others uncomfortable.

Don’t Raid the Refrigerator

The only reason we are including this on the list is that we have seen it happen all too often.

Some people get way too comfortable at somebody else’s home and will do silly things like using the bathroom in the master bedroom, turning the music volume up on their own and raid the refrigerator.

Just so you know, using the bathroom in the master bedroom is not cool at all. Not at all.

Don’t Take a Nap on the Bed Where the Coats Are

You may have had a bit too much to drink and the coat-covered bed in the spare bedroom looked just so cozy and inviting. But falling asleep on it is a very bad idea.

Get a Room

Quite obviously, people are going to pile into the hot tub at a hot tub party. If you happen to be a part of that crowd, you need to act appropriately.

This means that if you are chatting up a lovely person opposite your gender, keep it real. And by that, we mean that in no way should you be playing tongue hockey in the hot tub, nor should you be doing anything but having an enjoyable conversation.

If you want to take the relationship to a higher level, do so anywhere else but in the hot tub.


It all starts off innocently enough, you are in the hot tub flirting, teasing and having a little water play. But then, it gets a little out of control and a hot tub just can’t contain the action.

Somebody is bound to get hurt. So knock off the horseplay in the hot tub.

If you wish to throw your own hot tub party, it all starts with a trip to Spa Max.