Outdoor Furniture in Corona and Celebrating Memorial Day

Between blockbuster movie releases, barbecues and trips to the beach, Memorial Day weekend is much more than just the unofficial beginning of summer. And while it is important not to lose sight of the meaning of Memorial Day, it is still a holiday filled with good times.

This Memorial Day, spend your time enjoying the long weekend by doing more than just slumping on the couch and channeling Netflix. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy family, enjoy the days off of work and enjoy doing something you don’t do all of the time.

Spa Max, Your source for outdoor furniture in Corona, offers fun activities you can enjoy over Memorial Day weekend.

Honor the Holiday

It is important that you spend a little time over the weekend honoring the men and women who served and died for our country. It is important to remember the real reason for the holiday.

Throw a Hot Tub Party

If you have a hot tub, you use any excuse to throw a hot tub party. But come Memorial Day weekend, you have a legitimate reason to have your friends over for a hot tub party.

Of course, if you are going to throw a hot tub party, you need to do it right, especially on Memorial Day. This means you should plan on firing up the grill and serving some pretty awesome food with your beer and fancy drinks.

And as much fun as it is sitting in the hot tub, you still need to plan some other activities. You also need to supply some killer music for the occasion.

Throwing a hot tub party over Memorial Day weekend it a great idea, but try not to take it too lightly because it really is a big deal.

Host a Barbecue

Even if you don’t have a hot tub, you can still throw a party. It just won’t be quite as epic.

There is just nothing better than firing up the grill on a three day weekend. While burgers and dogs are a traditional favorite, mix in some non-traditional dishes to make things more interesting.

Watch a Parade

Wherever you happen to live, there is probably a parade close to you. Even small towns and cities mark the holiday. The annual Memorial Day parade honors those who have died while serving our country.

Go to a Park

Summer is nearly here, it’s time to venture out farther than just your backyard. If you can gather up the family, pack them into the SUV and take them to a national park, that would be ideal.

However, if you can’t do that, at least take the family to one of the many parks in your city. Let the kids run to their heart’s content, play on the jungle gym and jump in the water fountains. Just make sure to apply some sunscreen first.

Go on a Picnic

With the weather as nice as it is, it is the perfect time to take the family on a picnic. Eating traditional picnic foods like fried chicken, sandwiches and potato chips on a grassy field under the sun is a foolproof way to enjoy an afternoon.

Take a Bike Ride

In our book, riding your bike from your house to the corner convenience store is not a proper bike ride.

Dust off your bikes, load them onto the SUV and hit the closest trail. A proper bike ride will take you over dirt trails, through wooded areas and over hills or mountains. A proper bike ride offers scenic views, fresh air and the chance to check out some interesting wildlife.

Just remember to play dead should you encounter an angry bear.

Go For a Swim

Memorial Day weekend also marks the beginning of the swimming season. Grab your flip-flops, swimsuit and goggles and enjoy some time in the pool.

Take a Road Trip

The beauty of going on a road trip is that no matter where you go, you are not at home.

Gather the family, pack up the cooler and head out on a road trip. Your destination isn’t important, you can simply drive to a nearby city or town and enjoy what they have to offer. The whole idea is to get the family out of the house and giving them new memories.

Memorial Day will be more memorable if you have a hot tub. Shop at Spa Max today.