Patio Furniture in Corona and Reasons Facebook is Killing You

Facebook is killing you.

Well, not literally, thankfully, but it is ruining your life.

Social media has completely transformed the range of our life experiences. Think about the last time you took a vacation or even went out for dinner. To be sure, you see more people with their backs turned to the Grand Canyon or the Lincoln Memorial taking selfies than actually enjoying the attractions.

So instead of staring at the Mona Lisa, people would rather turn their backs and look at themselves. Such a pity.

And don’t even get us started on people who spend their time out for dinner taking pictures and scrolling instead of enjoying the outing.

The experience of history, art and cuisine has been replaced with the experience of digital representation. We spend more time worrying about how other people think of our experiences than actually enjoying the experience.

Thankfully, you can set aside your smartphone and enjoy time in your hot tub. At least some of us have our priorities straight.

Spa Max, your source for hot tubs and patio furniture in Corona, offers ways in which social media is ruining your life.


If body image doesn’t make you depressed, spending too much time on social media certainly will. Spending too much time on social media could have an adverse effect on your mood. In fact, people who spend too much time on social media often report poor mental health including depression and anxiety.

Body Image

If you take a look at the Instagram accounts that have the most followers, you will find they are owned by beautiful people who have perfect bodies. It is doubtful that you are following people on Instagram who are fat and ugly.

Body image is a huge issue for a lot of people both male and female. Seeing all of those perfect bodies on Instagram will make you more conscious about how imperfect your body is.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has been a phenomenon since the early days of Facebook. It is one of the most common negative effects of social media. Basically, the more you see that other people are having more fun than you, taking more vacations than you and posting more food they eat than you, the more you feel you are missing out on life.

All because some friend on Facebook whom you haven’t seen or talked to in years is posting more pictures of their lunch than you.

More Friends Doesn’t Mean Anything

How many friends do you have on Facebook, 100, 1,000, 10,000? Well, it doesn’t really matter if you have no social life to speak of.

You might be popular on social media, but without true friends who you physically engage with, you are still a sad and lonely person.

And since loneliness is linked to a myriad of health problems, it might make sense to get off of Facebook and seek some real company.

Also, buy a hot tub from Spa Max. Then invite people over for a hot tub party and make some real friends.