Hot Tub Therapy for Better Health

Residents of Corona invest in hot tubs for a variety of reasons. As if soaking in a heated, jetted tub isn’t reason enough.

We all love soaking in a hot tub when the opportunity presents itself. But let’s be honest, we wish for more opportunities to soak in a hot tub. If that is how you feel, today is your lucky day. We are going to give you plenty of excellent reasons you should be spending more time in your hot tub.

While you are quite aware that soaking in a hot tub is quite enjoyable, you might not be aware of the health benefits hot tubs offer. No kidding. Spa Max offers the health benefits of soaking in a hot tub.

Ease Joint Pain

It is no secret that joint pain can affect people of all ages. And one of the best ways to alleviate that pain is by soaking in a hot tub.

The buoyancy of the water means that you are only feeling about 10 percent of your total body weight. Obviously, this reduces the force of gravity on your joints, making you feel immediately better. Soaking in a hot tub also relieves pressure on the surrounding muscles and can even decrease inflammation and swelling.

So instead of reaching for pain medications when your joints are sore, go soak in your hot tub.

Lower Levels of Blood Sugar

Nearly one in 10 adults are diabetic.

As it turns out, the use of hot tubs is one way in which those affected by this disease can lower their blood sugar. One study found a 13 percent average reduction of blood sugar levels when soaking in a hot tub.

It seems that soaking in a hot tub affects your body in the same manner as exercising. As such, soaking in a hot tub is an ideal alternative to strenuous activity. Not that we recommend that you skip out on a healthy workout.

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

Relief from tension and pain will do wonders for your mental health. While your body is soaking in the hot tub, your mind is far away in a happy place. Your mind has plenty of time to wander when your body is immersed in the healing powers of hot, bubbly water.

You can use your hot tub time to free yourself from the daily distractions at work that stress you out.

Better Sleep

It makes perfect sense to then conclude that soaking in a hot tub will help you get a better night’s sleep.

We have already determined that soaking in a hot tub is physically relaxing and great for emotional health. Therefore, you can soak in your hot tub before bed to help you sleep better.

A combination of increased blood flow, relaxed breathing and increased levels of happy hormones ease your stress and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Improved Circulation

Soaking in a hot tub increases your heart rate and raises your body temperature, which improves circulation throughout your body.

Reduce Frequency and Intensity of Headaches

Between the relaxation, dilated blood vessels and warmth, soaking in a hot tub is a great way to reduce headaches. Soaking in a hot tub decreases pressure in your head and will get rid of the pain you suffer.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can be a tough problem for some people to tackle, but hot tubs can help. Thanks to the stress relief, relaxation and heat, you will feel more at ease.

Back Pain Relief

The number two reason why people pay a visit to the doctor is because of back pain. Instead of seeing the doctor, you could just soak in your hot tub to relieve back pain.

In one study, patients who enjoyed three weeks of hot tub therapy showed lower back pain and increased mobility. After six months of hot tub treatment, patients experienced significant improvement with back pain.

Improved Range of Motion

As we age, we lose our range of motion. This is a gradual process that slowly robs us of our pliable bodies. Through regular usage of your hot tub, you can restore lost flexibility and slow the natural stiffening that comes with age.

If hot tub therapy sounds great to you, contact Spa Max and shop for your new hot tub today.