Hot Tub in Corona and a Better Backyard

Congratulations on the new hot tub you just bought at Spa Max, it will give you years of great memories to be sure. There is just one problem; you will be having friends coming over all of the time because they want to enjoy your hot tub as well.

Not that this is such a bad thing, it will give you plenty of opportunities to throw hot tub parties or to host events at your house so people can enjoy the hot tub. But here is the problem; your yard is less than ideal for having company over. In fact, it could really use a total makeover because a mower and trimmer aren’t going to do much as far as aesthetics. Here are a few things you can do to make your backyard look better.

Dig a Pond

A pond is a wonderful addition to any backyard. They aren’t too difficult to construct, just dig a hole and cover it with a polyethylene liner. It isn’t all that expensive either.

Over time, you can add flowers, lily pads, turtles and fish. It will be great.

Build a Firepit

It is a blast sitting out on your patio in the fall and winter and enjoying a nice fire in your firepit. You can buy a firepit and spend as little or as much as you desire for one. You can also build your own if you are handy and know how to follow directions on YouTube videos.

Buy a Birdbath

A birdbath is something that people won’t believe you have until they see it. Who has a birdbath in their yard anyway? But once they see it, they are sure to like it and compliment you on it. It is also cool because, you know, it attracts birds.

Buy a Bench

Head out to the flea market and find an old bench that you can paint or otherwise fix up. A new bench won’t garner much attention, but an old bench will have people talking about it the entire party.


Take a good look at your house. There is a good chance that is could use a few coats of paint. Now, think about how sweet your back yard will look in the shadows of a freshly-painted house. Your house will look awesome to be sure, but it also helps make your backyard look better.


If your paint is in decent shape, you might only need to clean up your house. Rent or buy a power washer and scrub your house into a shiny gem. You can also power wash your deck or patio to make your backyard look better.


Lattice is inexpensive, can cover large areas and probably looks better than whatever you just covered up. A little lattice can go a long way in making your backyard a beautiful oasis.


Rake your lawn with one of those metal rakes and you will be surprised at all of the dead grass that comes up.

After raking, sprinkle some grass seed and in a few weeks, your lawn will be full and green and your yard will look awesome.

Pull Weeds

If you aren’t sure is something growing in your yard or garden is a weed, assume it is a weed and pull it. Pulling weeds from your yard and garden will make your yard look so much better.

Trim Things

All of the bushes and trees in your yard could probably stand to be trimmed. Even if you don’t think they need to be trimmed, they need to be trimmed. After you trim them, you will notice a huge difference. It will make your yard look so much better.

Plant Stuff

A yard that looks great is full of plants and other living things. So head over to your local nursery and load up the car with a bunch of things to plant. You can plant tall bushes, short bushes, flowers and even trees.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone at the nursery what you should plant in your yard. After all, you don’t want to plant something you can’t keep alive. Also, choose a variety of plants and different color flowers to keep things bright and beautiful.

If you have a terrible yard, buy a hot tub from Spa Max. It will instantly spruce up the look of your yard.