Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and 1999

In all likelihood you have heard the Prince song 1999, it was a big hit back in 1982. It might inspire you to throw a themed hot tub party. No, not a Prince-themed party, a hot tub party with a 1999 theme.

Do you remember 1999?

Once upon a time in 1999, your grandmother was making a fuss about your Pokemon cards and your mom was complaining about how much time you spend playing your Game Boy Color.

If nothing else, 1999 was a great year for music, if you were into Eminem or TLC. Nonetheless, a 1999-themed hot tub party will be a blast. Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers a brief history lesson about the year 1999. Use this information to help plan your 1999-themed hot tub party.


In the year 1999, business casual was the preferred style over the traditional suit. But you still had to cover up your cool tattoos and body piercings as they haven’t become totally acceptable yet.

Capri pants were a thing, as were cropped tops and low-cut jeans. The era of mom jeans came to an end, Too bad it wasn’t permanent. The cool place to shop was Old Navy. No kidding.


In the year 1999, you had to wait for your favorite television shows to air as this was before DVRs and Netflix. Nobody even knew what binge-watching even meant.

The highest-rated shows in 1999 included ER, Family Guy, The Sopranos and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Freaks and Geeks debuted in 1999. It only lasted 18 episodes, but the cast was amazing.


In 199, Lance Armstrong won yet another Tour de France. This was quite a feat as he had just come back from a three-year battle with cancer. Of course, he would be caught doping and stripped of his victories. Bummer.

After winning his 6th championship, Micheal Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, would retire. He would come out of retirement a few years later and played two seasons with the Washington Wizards.

Soccer great David Beckham would marry Spice Girl singer Posh Spice in 1999.
Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio passed away in 1999 following complications from lung cancer. We would also lose Wilt Chamberlain, Walter Payton and Payne Stewart that year.


Children all over the United States insisted on getting a Furby for Christmas. Other toy trends in 1999 included Pokeman cards and Fingerboards, because who doesn’t want a skateboard for your finger.

Gamers loved 1999 because it was the year Sega launched the Dreamcast, which people already hated by 2000.


There were a lot of books released in 1999. There were horror books, fiction books and humor books, about every type of book that you could imagine. But none of that matters because 1999 was the year Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released. It becomes rather popular.


1999 was a great year for movies. The big-screen boomed with such titles as American Pie, She’s All That, Fight Club and the rebooted Star Wars franchise brought us The Phantom Menace. Actually, the only menace in that movie was the character Jar Jar Binks.

Oh yeah, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, Toy Story 2 and Austin Powers were also released in 1999.


In the year 1999, most of the population still made phone calls on landlines. Cell phones were available, but they weren’t anything like you see today. At best, you could talk for about a minute before your call was dropped.

After an evening of watching movies at home, you had to remember to rewind the VHS tapes. Blockbuster was a huge force and you could spot one every six blocks.

At school, you were given lessons on an overhead projector, Remember those?

If you had a computer, it was big and bulky and you saved files to your floppy disk.

In 1999, it took 15 minutes to connect to the internet, but it made a cool screeching noise. It also took an hour to download a small file.

You would play your music on a boom box, MTV actually played music videos, you took pictures with a camera, paid your bills by mail and booked flights with a travel agency.


1999 was filled with boy bands and girl groups topping the charts. It was a year of cheesiness as Smashmouth spewed out “Allstar” and Limp Bizkit spawned the unforgettable hit “Nookie.”

And who can forget that Blink 182 video, the one where they run naked down the street.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lenny Kravitz both released great albums in 1999.

So now you have all sorts of information to use in your 1999-themed hot tub party. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, you can’t go wrong at Spa Max.