Your Hot Tub Dealer in Corona and Super Bowl Food Advice

We all love the Super Bowl.

And while it is so much fun watching the two top teams in the NFL going at it head to head, the Super Bowl is far greater than just a mere football game. And as such, you need to treat the Super Bowl like the big deal that it is. This means that if you are hosting the game, you need to serve all of the right foods.

You have invited several friends over for the Super Bowl and are very excited about hating this wonderful event. You have a new big-screen television and you have a hot tub, so you think you have everything covered. But what about the food? You have better give a lot of thought into what you will serve on Sunday.

Think about the get-together you had this last Independence Day. You fired up the grill and served some very tasty burgers and brats. And on Christmas, your table was filled with all sorts of wonderful dishes including baked ham, roasted duck and your famous garlic mashed potatoes.

Imagine what a disaster Christmas would have been if you served hot dogs for dinner.

You see, this is why you need to carefully consider your Super Bowl menu. Spa Max, your hot tub dealer in Corona, offers food tips for the Super Bowl.

Acceptable Foods

Wings– Not only are wings an acceptable menu item for this great event, but they are also a fan favorite. Raise a hand if wings sound good right now.

Chili– This classic comfort food is welcome in millions of homes on Super Bowl Sunday. Chili is a favorite winter food that is both filling and tasty. But the best thing about chili is that you can customize it with ease. You can load it up with a number of ingredients and even make it vegetarian style.

Sliders– Mini burgers are a Super Bowl staple. Grilling mini burgers is a lot easier and less messy than grilling full-sized burgers. Not to mention that big cheeseburgers are difficult to handle while sitting on the couch watching the game.

Sliders are cute, super tasty and you are less likely to drip ketchup on your leather couch.

Deviled Eggs– Deviled eggs are pretty easy to make, easy to share and fun to eat. All you need are eggs, mayonnaise and mustard and you are set to go.

Nachos– We don’t have a whole lot to say about nachos. The iconic combination of tortilla chips, cheese, jalapenos, olives and guacamole is pretty much impossible not to enjoy. As a bonus, nachos are easy to make in mass quantities, so you can keep your guests fed and happy.

Pigs in a Blanket– This is a kid-friendly dish that is easy to make, fun to eat and very tasty indeed. All you have to do is roll up some hot dogs in biscuit dough and throw them in the oven. Even a kid could do it.

Unacceptable Foods

Kale Chips– If you want to serve kale chips, that is your decision. There is no guarantee anybody will eat them. In fact, you might get a few strange looks from your guests if you place them on the serving table.

Fancy Cheese– The only cheeses you need is American for the burgers and nacho cheese for the nachos. You don’t need a tray full of fancy cheeses with funny names that you can’t pronounce.

Fake Meat– Serving fake meat at your Super Bowl gathering is fine if everybody is a vegetarian, but think about the friends who love meat. Don’t make meat lovers suffer by eating fake buffalo wings.

Cupcakes– If you order cupcakes that are professionally decorated with a football theme, this is barely passable. Any other types of cupcakes are just not a good idea.

Quinoa– Just no.

Giant Subs– Sure, that giant sub you ordered from the chain restaurant will feed everybody, but it will leave them disappointed to be sure. Those six-foot subs are always made on stale bread with cold cuts that are hardly recognizable. And what kind of cheese is that? The meat has soaked into the cheese and made it soggy. Gross.

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