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Welcome to SPA MAX, The Hot Tub Superstore in Corona, California — your premier destination for a diverse selection of high-quality hot tubs and spas. We believe in giving you the power of choice, making your California hot tub shopping experience truly unique and tailored to your needs.

Our Philosophy

Putting You in Control

At SPA MAX, we break away from the traditional model of one-brand hot tub dealerships. Instead, we embrace diversity, offering a wide range of new spa brands side by side for easy and informed comparison shopping. We don't play favorites because we recognize that most manufacturers produce excellent spas. There's no one-size-fits-all, and we empower you to decide what suits you best.

We pride ourselves on having 75+ spas under one roof, providing you with a comprehensive view of different brands, sizes, features, and price points. This approach eliminates the pressure and bias associated with a salesperson pushing a single brand. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we believe in presenting options and letting you make the choice that resonates with your preferences.

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A Shift from the Ordinary

In the past, like many spa dealerships, we followed the conventional path, showcasing a limited selection of spas from a single brand. We'd passionately advocate for that brand, attempting to convince you it was the only choice worth considering. This approach was commonplace, but we realized it was not in your best interest.

The turning point for us came during the Great Recession, prompting us to reevaluate our business model. We transitioned to offering multiple brands in used spas and discovered a treasure trove of fantastic spas and manufacturers. This revelation led us to embrace a more inclusive approach, letting go of the notion that one brand could meet everyone's needs.

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Unmatched Variety

In Refurbished Hot Tubs

In addition to our extensive collection of new spas, we offer a large selection of refurbished hot tubs. These hot tubs span across various brands and are priced at about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a new spa. This means you can enjoy the luxury of a hot tub without breaking the bank. Our commitment to variety extends to both new and refurbished spas, ensuring you have options that fit your preferences and budget.

Visit Us Today

When you step into our superstore, you're not just entering a place of business; you're entering a hot tub haven. We invite you to visit our Corona, CA, location and immerse yourself in the world of SPA MAX. Explore our extensive selection, consult with our experts, and discover the hot tub or spa that will elevate your relaxation and leisure experiences.

Step into our showroom, explore the multitude of options, and take control of your hot tub destiny. There are no high-pressure sales tactics, just an exceptional selection and service that puts you first. SPA MAX — where your spa dreams become a reality.